Le Dragon Déchaîné is the campus publication of the Europe-Asia campus of Sciences Po Paris, based in Le Havre. Founded in 2014, we have grown to serve the campus through our online, radio and print editions: covering aspects of student life, including global affairs which have impacted our student body. 

Given the diversity of students on campus, differing opinions are expected. True to its name, Le Dragon Déchaîné serves as a platform to voice the spectrum of opinions of students on campus and strives to encourage discussion.


All the published articles have been written by students and faculty on campus, and are available in English or French.

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As part of the Sciences Po University College, Le Dragon has many partners across France. Our peers in Paris, Reims, Menton, and Nancy run quality publications that we urge you to check out. 

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Paris Campus

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Menton Campus

The Sundial Press

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Nancy Campus

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2019-2020 Editors-in-chief | Joyce Fang & Emile Stragyte | Editors: Alaya Purewal & Edouard Pack & Anouk Etienne