28 Jan 2018

Find the full playlist on spotify or listen to it on our website here  to follow along aurally.

As much as I have been enjoying my lif...

26 Jan 2018

The AS Phoenix will be reborn today.

(click on image for full size )

As election day draws near, students of the Le Havre Campus of Sci...

25 Jan 2018

This Friday, the 26th of January 2018, students will gather on campus to vote for their next BDE. Our BDE is composed of six members,...

22 Jan 2018

Leviathan (2014)

A Film Review 

Violence, love, corruption, heroic tales and tragic fates, so many subjects exploited to depletion by t...

"Les arbres verts ou les Hêtres de Kerduel"  Maurice Denis

Mnémosyne, mère des Muses

     Les Grecs tenaient les neuf Muses, déesses tu...

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